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FCH CCH GRCH PR' Deep South Chatahoochee Man x UWP CCH GRCH INT CH AKC CCH PR' Warrior River Karma N Effect

Cross To Be Made August 2015

UKC & AKC Registered



As we move forward into our breeding program we are thrilled to have an outstanding young crop of Chaos offspring to help build our future with. AJ, owned by Madison Fancher, has proven himself to be an extrmely driven, loud mouthed, hard tree dog with good track speed. He has beautiful movement in the ring, stacks up nicely on the bench, and has won multiple trials all over the southeast. We are very proud of the dog AJ has become and Madison's dedication to him. With all this in mind, we have chosen AJ as our stud dog for this second generation cross. We have been waiting a while to find a male we felt suited Karma, who is now co owned with Marina Gilley, and I do believe AJ fits the bill. Karma is an extremely correct female with a very strong show bred pedigree. We have used her on a limited basis as a wounded game recovery dog and had some success, along with her show career. Combined, AJ and Karma have won at the sectional, state, and national level. We look for these puppies to be a nice mix of drive, conformation, and temperment.

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