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CH PR' Warrior River's Rocky Hollow Riot

UKC/PKC/AKC Reg. Health Clearences Pending. DNA-P

Riot is simply one resilient animal. She came to me emaciated, fearful, and skittish. She cowered and hid from everyone, she had a skin condition, and was very underweight. She had no training, no interaction skills, and spent all of her time avoiding everything. In the months since I acquired her Riot has become a different dog. She meets me at the gate, tail wagging. She has overcome her fear enough to begin some very basic training, she interacts with the other dogs, and even runs off leash in the yard and while hiking. Riot's health has improved tremendously and although I doubt she fully ever recovers, she will be loved and hunted for the rest of her days.  

The comparison below is Dec 2015 - March 2016. I acquired Riot in Nov 2015.
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